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Adolescent Psychotherapy

Our Maryland-based team provides psychotherapy services for teens facing a wide range of challenges, providing them with support, guidance, and tools to navigate adolescence and build a strong foundation for their future.

Teen angst is natural, but navigating through it can be very challenging.

Being a teenager in today’s uber-competitive, social media-driven society can be tough. We work with teens with a variety of issues, including those concerning


Anger Management

Adolescence is a time of significant physical, emotional, and social changes, and these changes can sometimes lead to heightened emotions, including anger.


Conflict with Parents and/or Siblings

We help teens and family members see things from each other’s perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding.



In addition to external factors, fluctuations in hormone levels during puberty can affect mood regulation and contribute to feelings of anxiety.


Behavioral Problems at Home and/or School

We use techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help individuals identify negative thought patterns and behaviors and develop  positive coping strategies.



We can help bullied teens heal, regain their confidence, and develop the skills needed to prevent or address future bullying situations.


Focusing Issues

Our team can assess the underlying reasons for the teen’s difficulties with focus, such as ADHD, anxiety, or other issues that may be impacting their ability to concentrate, then create solutions to improve focus.



Therapy can help teens understand their behaviors, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and work towards healing and recovery.


Body Image Issues

We help teens identify and challenge negative beliefs they may have about their bodies, such as unrealistic standards or internalized societal messages, as well as help them build self-esteem.


Making and Keeping Friends

Through different techniques, we help teens identify and cultivate positive, healthy friendships and navigate challenging social dynamics.



Not only do we teach teens how to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs in a clear and respectful manner, we also teach them how to listen attentively and respond empathetically to others.

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Teens may find it difficult to open up.

Just like with adult psychotherapy, having a neutral party to talk to can help teens sort through their feelings, as well as help them set their goals and priorities.

If you’re a teenager who’s looking into therapy for the first time, be assured that what we talk about will NOT be shared with your parents without your permission (with certain safety exceptions).

Play Therapy For Young Children

Because younger children may not be able to articulate their feelings with as much sophistication, play therapy can illuminate underlying conflicts and use that safe medium for healing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Teens

CBT can be particularly effective for teenagers due to its practical, goal-oriented approach and its focus on teaching skills that can be applied in real-life situations

Boy with ADHD | What is ADHD?

Testing & Evaluations

Testing provides valuable insights into a child’s strengths, challenges, and unique needs, helping parents and professionals develop effective strategies to support the child’s development.

We also offer Family Therapy & Parent Coaching.

Children don’t come with a handbook and parenting is stressful work that no one is ever truly prepared for. 

Parent coaching is a specialized form of support designed to help parents navigate the challenges of raising children.

Coaches provide guidance, tools, and strategies to improve parent-child communication, manage behavior effectively, and enhance the overall parent-child relationship. By empowering parents with valuable insights and skills, parent coaching aims to create a more harmonious and fulfilling family dynamic.

If you feel like your family is constantly arguing and functioning more like a group of individuals than a cohesive team, we can help.

From sibling quarrels, chores, and privileges to finding ways to spend more quality time together, family therapy can identify dynamics that interrupt effective functioning and develop better ways of relating that reflect your true feelings for each other.

Many of our care providers host virtual sessions.

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