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    Can’t leave the house?

    Let us come to you! Life has changed in so many ways since the Covid-19 pandemic. No matter how the pandemic has affected your life, no one should have to endure this hardship alone.

    We are here for you.

    Orchard Mental Health is excited to offer teletherapy (also called e-therapy, telepsychology, or online therapy) services to help support our community here in Maryland!

    Read on to learn about teletherapy, how to meet your therapist online, and how to get signed up. Or, if you are ready and interested in signing up for your first teletherapy session, contact us today!

    What is Teletherapy?

    Teletherapy is just one form of “telehealth,” which includes other remote health services such as telemedicine and telepsychiatry. Teletherapy sessions are just like in-person psychotherapy or counseling sessions. You meet for the same amount of time, work on the same issues, and have a chance to feel heard and understood. The only difference is, instead of meeting in an office, you meet with your therapist over the internet via video chat.

    Therapists are able to provide individual, couples, and even group therapy online – and research shows it is just as effective as in-person (see Varker et al., 2018, and Wilson et al., 2017).

    Teletherapy is evidence-based for helping people with a wide range of issues, such as:

    • Grief and loss (death of a loved one, loss of career, etc.)
    • Relationship issues
    • Marital problems
    • Loneliness
    • Childrearing and parent issues
    • Difficulties with sleep
    • Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
    • Stress management
    • Coping with anxiety or worry
    • Mood swings
    • Difficulty focusing or being productive

    However, some issues are not a good fit for teletherapy and are best treated in-person. If you are in an immediate crisis (suicidal or homicidal intent, significant self-harm, or eating disorders, etc.), please call the crisis center for immediate assistance.

    How does Teletherapy work?

    Orchard Mental Health uses a secure, fully confidential, HIPAA compliant video platform, making it easy for you to connect with your therapist without sacrificing confidentiality or reliability. You will need to have a decent internet connection, along with a smartphone or computer with a webcam, in order to do a video chat session. You may also consider using headphones for increased privacy.

    Telehealth appointments are a safe and convenient option. If you schedule a telehealth appointment, you will receive an email and text appointment confirmation and a link to initiate your visit. If you have any issues connecting, please call our office to troubleshoot.

    If at any point you are having trouble accessing your session or if you aren’t sure what to do next, contact us as soon as possible at 240-750-6467. Our team can help you troubleshoot any issues and walk you through the steps.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Does insurance cover teletherapy?

    Most health insurance plans now include coverage at the same rate as an in-person session, but please call us or your carrier to verify that virtual mental health sessions are covered under your plan.

    Do you provide teletherapy for children?

    Yes, there are many creative ways to engage children online. If the child Is not able to be served well through this medium, we may suggest parent consultation and guidance Instead.

    Do you offer teletherapy for families, couples, or romantic partners?

    Absolutely! Our therapists would love to work with you and your family. Please contact us today regarding availability and instructions for getting started.

    Do you have online psychiatry appointments?

    Yes, our psychiatric nurse practitioner has availability for online visits and can transmit lab orders and prescription requests electronically.

    What if I’m nervous or uncomfortable with being on video?

    Some people may feel a bit awkward or anxious the first time they try teletherapy, and that’s okay! Most clients are feeling more relaxed after the second or third teletherapy session.

    I don’t have a private place to talk – what should I do?

    Feel free to contact us to get some help with problem-solving a space to do teletherapy! For example, some clients may sit in their car during the session.

    Do you provide assessments via teletherapy?

    Yes! We are currently offering ADHD screenings and clearances for bariatric or spinal cord stimulator surgeries remotely. We will send you measures to complete online.

    Do you offer virtual groups?

    Yes, we are currently running virtual drop-in support groups for teens, adults, and parents almost everyday of the week to reinforce coping strategies and connect with others who are also struggling with isolation. Please see our homepage for group types and times.

    What if I have technical issues before or during the session?

    Contact us by phone or email as soon as you notice something isn’t working – we are here for you.

    Interested? Let’s Work Together!

    Orchard Mental Health is dedicated to offering compassionate, confidential, and comprehensive psychotherapy and assessment services to residents of Maryland and the surrounding area.