• Welcome to Our Blog

    Hello! Welcome to Quince Orchard’s new blog. We are so happy that you are here and hope that you will join us each week.

    My name is Dr. Pamela Lubing. I am a licensed psychologist and one of the Clinical Directors at Orchard Mental Health. I have been a part of the practice since 2016. I primarily work with children and adolescents, but work with all age groups. I approach my work with patients from a relational, attachment style, while also teaching cognitive behavioral techniques. 

    Helping each person that I work with figure out what makes them the way that they are, while also working through challenges that they are facing are truly my life’s passion. I love what I do and can not imagine doing anything else.

    Working at Orchard Mental Health, myself and the team have recognized the need to provide our patients, future patients, and the general public with information and knowledge to fill in where there might be gaps. Each week we will work to provide relevant psychology information, including but not limited to, applying psychology to current events, understanding mental health diagnoses, utilizing psychology practices in everyday life, and more! 

    Someone from our blog team will provide content with the hopes of expanding your knowledge and helping you to be the best you.

    If there are any questions that you have or something that you are curious about learning (psychology related, of course!) more about, please feel free to submit a question, so that we can blog about it in a later post. We are looking forward to providing you with information each week!