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    Stephanie Waterhouse, Psychology Associate

    I received my Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology from the University of Louisville. Throughout my course work, I focused my reading, writing, and research on trauma and research-based treatment practices. I completed my internship and practicum hours at a community health clinic in Meade County, Kentucky where I served adult and teenage clients. While at that clinic, I provided individual, group, and family therapy sessions as well as conducted psychological assessments.

    After graduation, I began practicing at a correctional institution in North Carolina. I worked primarily with women who were incarcerated, but also served nearby male prisons. Throughout my time there, I worked closely with other mental health, medical staff, and case management to best serve the individuals in our facility. I gained significant experience in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. I provided services to individuals who engaged in self-harm and individuals who had diagnoses such as psychotic disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety and depression. I conducted assessments to determine if offenders required access to certain services. I gained experience in treating individuals who identified as transgender and wanted to explore their gender identity. I often advocated for Spanish-speaking offenders within the facility and worked closely with staff to ensure Spanish-speaking offenders received appropriate translators and assistance as required by policy.

    I believe in context and considering all of the layers that influence human behavior and development. I believe that there can be multiple solutions to a problem and I enjoy being creative in problem solving. I enjoy conducting psychological evaluations to facilitate a better understanding of the individual, their struggles, and how to best approach the solution.