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    Martina Alvarado, MS, LCPC, NCC


    Hello there! I am Martina, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and an Approved Supervisor by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors but you may also think of me as a highly empathetic individual who is very passionate about her work in helping others. My practice is rooted in the belief that we are all worthy of acceptance and love. I believe in living meaningful and fulfilling lives with less emphasis on perfection and more emphasis on living in congruency with our values. My aim is to be a listening ear, a collaborative guide, and compassionate support as we navigate the current challenges that bring you to therapy.

    What you can expect in working with me:

    Life is beautiful AND complex. Different, unavoidable, and unpredictable challenges come up in life that can make us feel overwhelmed and alone. In therapy you can show up exactly as you are and exactly as you feel and we will sit with it and through it. My approach is warm and client centered. Sometimes I will ask a lot of questions to encourage reflection, sometimes we will work on exploring different perspectives, and sometimes we will sit in silence. All will be done in a warm, safe, and comfortable space.

    My Theoretical Approach:

    My primary approach is Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT) and my secondary approach is Interpersonal Therapy. With CBT we will work in looking at your current thoughts and behaviors and to find the dissonance between where you are and where you want to be. Together we will work to bridge the gap and get you closer to your ideal self.