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Adjust Your Crown: 3 Beyonce Hits to Lift Your Mood and Confidence

March 8, 2024 | Naweh Diggs, LMSW | 5 min. read

As women, we face numerous challenges while traversing through life.

Oftentimes, societal expectations can impact our self-perception significantly. We are expected to maintain a certain appearance, speak in a particular manner, dress in ways that please others, and so on. This pressure can often lead to losing our identity and feeling hollow. Luckily, there is a prominent figure in our culture who has openly discussed facing similar struggles. She is known as Queen B, the Queen, or simply Beyonce. Below are her songs that discuss this topic:

Song 1: “Diva”

I’ma a diva, I’ma Ima a diva! If you are facing challenges in the workplace or struggling with self esteem, this song is a perfect fit for you. It emphasizes the importance of affirming yourself with positive words, recognizing your abilities and reaching deep for your inner strength for achieving success. It serves as a reminder to acknowledge your past achievements and realize the potential within you.

3 Songs to Lift Your Mood and Confidence | OMHG Blog

Song 2: “Schooling Life”

This song is quite possibly one of Beyonce’s most overlooked tracks. It delves into the idea of embracing life wholeheartedly and discussing the various phases one may encounter in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. In this song, Beyonce urges women to seize opportunities without dwelling on regrets, while emphasizing the abundance of experiences waiting to be had. The song also empowers women by affirming that their dreams and aspirations will eventually come to fruition.

Song 3: “You Can’t Break My Soul”

At times, life might push you to the brink, and the judgments of others can exacerbate those feelings. This song emphasizes the importance of not letting anyone or anything shatter you. Beyonce shares how she rediscovered herself and rebuilt herself on a solid foundation. It’s all about living the life you’ve built for yourself free from others’ opinions and criticisms.


To conclude, always trust in the inner strength you possess. Acknowledge and cherish the treasures and beauty that lie within you. Additionally, recognize your humanity and accept that your emotions may fluctuate daily. In those moments, simply play one of these songs and regain that empowering feeling!

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